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Mascot Storage (Hibernation)

Customized mascots are an extremely important promotional tool and for that reason, it is crucial that they arrive at that special event on time and looking fresh! Whether your custom mascot is between events or hibernating for the season, proper mascot storage is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure its longevity and maintain its condition. Like all of us, even Mascots need time to rejuvenate in order to stay fresh and perform at an optimal level.

We can store your custom mascots, accessories and costumes in a safe and secure hideout so that no one disturbs them while they are in hibernation mode. We have been providing hibernation services to all our mascots for more than 15 years now and currently have more than 60 mascots in our mascot storage at our location.

Your mascot is a representation of your brand and we know how important it is to have it always looking its best. Your brand is a representation of your business and you always want your brand to represent you in the best way possible. With our mascot storage your custom mascots will always look like new and refreshed.  We know you take pride in your businss and your mascot and we take pride in the care and storage of your custom mascots.


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