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Mascot Actors services (Performer and Spotter)

One of the most important aspects of having your mascot represent your brand at an event is engaging your audience. At Loonie Times we pride ourselves on our excellent roster of professional and highly respected actors, performers and  spotters call by whatever name you want to. Our impressive network of professional mascot actors is spread all the way across Canada and the USA!

All of Loonie Times mascot actors, performers and spotters have years of Oscar-level performance under their belt and many have been with the company for years! We personally interview and hand-pick all our actors, performers, and spotters for their professional and energetic characteristics as well as their background in entertainment. We ensure all our actors, performers and spotters are fully trained in how to act, move and interact with various age groups and event themes. Ask how we can put a little character into your mascot today!

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Actors and Performers, join our exciting team!!!

Are you an actor, performer, busker or a performing arts individual who loves to perform? Loonie Times is now hiring across many North American cities.

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