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ASIF Saherwala

My passion is to bring ideas to life using the most grass roots level of marketing: by manufacturing quality mascots & plush. In todays cluttered world of technology and information overload, we strive to help brands make an emotional connection with their target audience.

My top priority is to help our clients brand go that extra mile and reach new levels of success in their industry. Our goal at Loonie Times is to create mascots that will bring a smile to peoples faces and help businesses, organizations and schools showcase their unique personality to the world.

My team of talented individuals work collectively from the idea generation stage to shaping and giving life to some of the most exceptional and highly recognized mascots on the market today.

I am proud to lead a team of people with such dedication and whose relentless pursuit of quality has ensured that our clients have come to respect our work and craftmanship year after year. Thank you, team, it’s an immense pleasure to work alongside you, and watch you accomplish Loonie Times mission of creating the best custom mascots for our clients.

And finally, a word about me. I am workaholic, love to travel, experience nature and culture…and did I say I am a foodie. There is nothing better than relaxing with an inspirational book and being motivated to work hard, learn and do better every day.  In my life, I have worked for various companies around the world and across many different industries. I like to take these past experiences and use them in building a strong foundation for Loonie Times as a niche, high quality provider of custom mascots and plush. Welcome to our Loonie World…

DAN Welch

PROD' Team