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In the competitive business world, we live in today, it’s become more important than ever to find a way to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. That’s why mascot marketing and advertising at events, trade shows or even just on the street can help people experience your brand like never before. Getting visibility with your mascot is of paramount importance to get the biggest return on your investment. Only if the mascot is seen at various events and promotional materials including advertising in print, banners, business cards, will the brand association mature giving you instant recognition in the eyes of the public? Think of Kellogg’s Cereal and Tony the Tiger comes to mind, what about the Kool-Aid mascot?

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Why companies invest in custom mascot costume?

Mascots are alive, walking, touching and making an emotional connection. That emotional connection triggers recall value for the brand or product as there is immediate association with the character. Hence designing your own custom mascot to be sure to keep in mind that it is an expressive and lovable mascot character.

Why companies invest in a custom mascot costume? (continued)

  • Your custom mascot is a social media darling. In today’s world, everyone takes pictures and post it on social media thus making your investment in custom mascot a very cost-effective publicity tool

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  • Unlike radio, TV or print media, mascots have limited cost once they are made. You only invest in performer cost (that is if you want a professional performer) otherwise someone from your company or a high school student can perform. So repeat cost is few hundred dollars versus 1,000 of dollars in print or TV or radio renewals
  • Mascots capture the attention of everyone with no age bar, no religion, political or any limitations.
  • Mascot characters are crowd pullers. They rally teams, fans and convert pure passion into a life long bond with the brand or company, school or team.

How do I use my custom mascot character to get my brand stand out? You can use your custom mascot in the following ways to ensure exposure and brand association Name your mascot: create a buzz even for naming your mascot. Be it company, school or sport team, get your employees, students or fans to submit ideas and vote on them. That way you have already created a buzz internally and external for the launch of the mascot Create a Web page: Give your custom mascot a character. What does it like, what is the favourite food? What social cause is dear to it? What is its favourite color, etc. That way you build a personality of your mascot which will relate to your target audience. Participate in community events: Once your custom mascot is created select a yearly list of community events that it will make an appearance every year. Being regularly there builds familiarity and exposure Create a game night: How about a scavenger hunt at the park or local store or in the school? Get families and children involved. And distribute free samples of your product. Associate with charity: Take part in the annual function for the charity and help raise funds for them. Get kids involved and make it a big event. Create Plushie: create a soft plush toy to extend your mascot brand presence and selling the cute small version of your mascot as soft plush toy. They can also be give as give away or used to raise funds for a cause, be it to buy sports equipment raise funds for local hospital or just pure profits Create coloring book: Create color book to give out to schools free thus making it meaningful and same time promoting your mascot Create online game with mascot: Creating games with mascot as the centre piece will help more visitors to your site and create a fun way to explore your brand Make your custom mascot brand centric: All communication, marketing materials, social media assets, product packaging need to have the mascot included for maximum exposure

Why Loonie Times for Your Mascot Advertising Needs?

Don’t trust anyone with your mascot marketing needs. Loonie Times specializes in helping companies like yourself bring your brand to life with an amazing mascot you will love. Not only do we provide support and advice at every step of the way, but our mascots are manufactured to reach the highest standards. We only use quality materials and proven techniques that will ensure your mascot stands the test of time. Want more information on how we can help your business succeed? Contact us today to learn more.