Mascot Event Management

Professional mascot characters for your event.

Mascot Event


Mascot PR services (Mascot event management and Performers)

Over the years Loonie Times has executed thousands of mascot events for many top brands! From large corporate events and charitable events to store openings and employee appreciation days. We understand that having your mascot represent your brand at an event can bring major benefits and create an exciting buzz. It is impactful but, can also be demanding. At Loonie Times we prepare, plan and implement mascot events on your behalf. Some of the services which are included in the Loonie Times Mascot Event Management process are:

  • Identifying Events
  • Preparing yearly calendar of events
  • Planning and execution

We strive to match the needs of our client base with events relevant to their brand, interests and goals. At Loonie Times we are constantly updating our event calendar and gathering information for our clients. Once our client has chosen an event, festival, parade etc. the wheels really start rolling. Loonie Times immediately begins communication with the event organizers and fills out any paperwork or application forms needed. Every detail is covered from shipping, handouts, permissions, cleaning, and performers. We work closely with both our client and event organizer to ensure fluid and clear communication is constantly occurring.

Full Mascot Event Management Package

Getting ready for a big event can be stressful enough not having to remember things like; “Where is the mascot right now?”, “Is it clean”, “How is it getting shipped?”, “Does it have all its parts?” Loonie Times is fully equipped to manage all your mascots during events and taking care of your event related needs which might include storage, actor, cleaning, repairs, etc. Our full management package saves you money with small repairs or battery replacements in addition to cutting down on the time the costume is in transit – when most damage happens. We provide rush cleaning services between events with a turn around time of less than 3 days. Your costumes directly leave from and enter our facility, allowing for immediate inspections, inbound and outbound, and quick action (if needed) to get it in presentable shape for your next show. After all, your mascot is the goodwill ambassador of your company and we know how important that is!

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1 Why you need a professional mascot performer? When you hire a professional mascot performer, you are hiring someone that has been trained on how to engage your specific audience. If it is a retirement party or a music festival they will be able to act accordingly. It is also important to hire a professional mascot performer for safety purposes. A professional knows when a child is scared and to back off. Our performers have been trained and know the mascot guidelines like the back of their favorite mascot glove. 2 Why do you need a spotter? It is extremely important that your mascot has a mascot spotter/handler not only for the safety of the mascot performer but, for the safety of the public! The performer has a very small window of vision in which to look out and often cannot see below or much to the sides. This means it is easy for the performer to trip on a curb or wire but, it also means that the performer is not able to see small children run up to give them a hug. The job of the spotter is not only to help the performer in and out of the mascot but, to protect the performer and the people around them. 3 Which events have loonie times managed in past? Loonie Times helps many top brands organize their mascots in some of Canada’s largest parades and festivals! We organize client’s mascots in hundreds of events across Canada every year. Some large major events we work on are the Santa Claus Parades, Kids Help Phone- Walk So Kids Can Talk, Canada Day Celebrations and Kids Fest! 4 How can you hire a performer or spotter? Hiring a performer and spotter is simple with Loonie Times! Simply click on the link and fill out this form. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly with an estimate and answer any further questions you may have.