Custom Mascot Repair Services

Get the most out of your mascot with regular mascot repair services.

Custom Mascot


Mascot Repair Services (Touch-ups)

Your mascot works hard representing your brand and can take quite a beating over the years! From scratched eyes and tears to broken fan systems and missing pieces. Loonie Times is here to help your mascot get back on top of its game! Our commitment to providing our clients with a superior level of mascot spa services does not stop at cleaning alone! We also offer mascot repair services for all of your custom mascots. When your mascot comes into Loonie Times, every inch is meticulously inspected for damages and assessed for repairs by one of our talented department heads. Loonie Times will immediately provide you with an estimate accompanied by pictures of the repair or replacement work required. Loonie Times will give you an approximate date of completion depending on the amount of work to be done. We always do our very best to work within your timeline and get your mascot fixed up and back home to you as soon as possible so it can continue to proudly represent your brand. We know how important your mascot is to you, that’s why Loonie Times is dedicated to providing our clients with our specialized mascot spa services designed to not only clean, repair, protect your mascot but, to help maintain your mascots over all appearance for years to come.

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