The official custom mascot of Kraft Foods peanut butter

Kraft Foods peanut butter mascot is a custom made mascot by Loonie Times Inc and as is a featured mascot in our Big brand series of clients.

About Kraft foods Peanut butter mascot costume by Loonie Times.

Kraft foods – peanut butter

The peanut butter Bear mascot sure love their hugs! Kraft created plushies where when you hug one bear, the other bear’s bow lights up. Then, they made these plush bears 10 feet tall and place him in two different cities (Toronto and Vancouver)! Kraft however needed their beloved Smoothie and Crunchy bears to hug back and they chose Loonie Time to make this happen. These mascots had led the “Kraft Spread the Feeling events” where Kraft donates a peanut butter to every hug given to the Smoothie and Crunchy mascots. To date over 48,000 jars of peanut butter have been donated; that’s a lot of love Crunchy and Smoothie has helped spread!


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