The official custom mascot Dairy Queen.

The Dairy Queen custom made mascot by Loonie Times Inc and as is a featured mascot in our Big brand series of clients.

About Dairy Queen- Curly Cone custom mascot costume by Loonie Times.

Curly Cone is the custom mascot for the famous retailer Dairy Queen brand. The Curly Cone mascot costume is mainly used to draw attention outside the restaurant which helps to bring in a crowd. This is a very effective way to use a mascot costume if you are a retail owner. Besides this, Curly Cone mascot also has a busy schedule attending events, goodwill appearances and community initiatives. With over 6,600 Dairy Queen restaurants worldwide, the Curly Cone character is a popular brand ambassabor for Dairy Queen owners. We have had the pleasure to work with Dairy Queen to create several characters and ship them across Canada and United States


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