Custom Non Profit Mascot Costumes

Highlight your great cause with a custom non-profit mascot costume.

Custom non-profit


custom non profit mascot costumes

Custom Non-profit Mascot Costumes

Loonie Times Custom Mascots has created many wonderful custom non profit mascot costumes for various non-profits, government departments, and agencies across the US. and Canada.

We’ve designed and built an array of Bin and Bag custom non profit mascot costumes for community Recycling programs, Shopping Bag characters for Food Banks, Dalmatians for Fire Departments and we’re here to help your Non-Profit organization get the most impact from your limited resources. We’ll ensure your message and awareness of your services, benefit from the most cost-effective marketing there is; Character Advertising.

Fire Departments, YMCAs, the American Red Cross, Police Departments, Environmental Groups and Regional Parks are all enjoying an increased community awareness and are reaching a much broader audience with the Star Power of an exciting, well-made custom non profit mascot costume!

Come join our growing list of non-profits and let our very experienced and creative design team, bring your ideas to life! We can create your very own custom non profit mascot costumes

Why Rely on Loonie Times for your custom non profit mascot costumes?

At Loonie Times, we believe in helping businesses and anyone else creates unique brand experiences through their mascots. All of our custom non profit mascot costumes are manufactured in North America to the highest standards.

We take the time to provide the highest quality custom non profit mascot costumes possible, using only the highest quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

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With so much experience in the mascot industry, there’s no reason to rely on anyone else for your mascot design services. We have the knowledge, expertise, and vision to make your corporate custom non profit mascot costumes a hit at parties, events, tradeshows and more.

We are your one-stop mascot services and manufacturer. Ready to make your custom non profit mascot costumes dreams a reality?

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