Custom Mascot Cleaning

Keep your brand’s image “clean” with a well-groomed mascot cleaning.

Custom mascot


Mascot Cleaning Services (The Mascot Spa)

Your mascot is a representation of you, your school, team, brand, company name or organization. Your mascot is on the front lines interacting with people on your behalf which is why proper care of such a valuable asset is crucial! If your mascot is looking tired, worn out and stale, what does that say about your brand? At Loonie Times we can give it the proper mascot cleaning.

Here at Loonie Times mascot cleaning is as important to us as creating a mascot. Every mascot receives a superior level of professional attention from one of our many experienced & qualified team members. Once received, the pampering process for your mascot begins with the mascot spa treatment with a custom wash. Your mascot will be deep cleaned from head to toe, including all those hard to reach areas, using a gentle shampoo scrub and advanced water vacuum technology providing a ticklish feeling to our mascots. Disinfecting of the inner head (screens) and feet are done by hand until we are satisfied that next performer in the mascot will be safe from any previous bacteria, just like how mothers would keep their children clean. Once washed your mascot is hung to air dry where they keep swinging all night long and chatting with each other, then softly brush and condition them to bring back that brand-new shine and the sparkling smile. Also, not to forget, the love in their eyes, similar to the one they had on the very first day it was delivered to you!

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Custom Mascot Maintenance

“Our mascot cleaning and caring service are second to none.”

Here at Loonie Times Inc. we know that your mascot is a valuable investment which represents you and your brand to the public. That is why we are here to provide you with the best mascot cleaning services you can find. For more than 20 years Loonie Times has not only created some of the world’s most loveable mascots and mascot accessories, but has also been providing professional, first class, quality services such as cleaning/repairs, safe storage and professional talent.

Custom Mascot Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair tips

TIP 1: Can we dry clean the mascot?

Dry cleaning mascot costumes is not recommended. The heat and the  chemicals used in the dry cleaning process may damage certain components of the costume. After certain heat or chemical  damage is done it may be irreversible.

TIP 2: How do you clean the head of the mascot?

Foam head, body and feet have to be cleaned by hand or with a wet-vac and a soft scrub brush. Wet- Vacs are a fantastic investment for all mascot owners to make! It is able to get deep dirt and odors out better then any other method. If you are at an event and do not have access to recommended cleaning supplies clean any spots on the mascot using portable stain removers, such as shout wipes, which are handy for small stain emergencies.

TIP 3: How do I clean the suit of the mascot?

Machine wash the mascot suit only with one layer, in COLD water with mild laundry detergent on a gentle cycle. Remember that certain fabric (RED)  can bleed on to lighter colours if they are washed in hot or warm water.

TIP 4: Can I put the mascot suit in the dryer?

It is always recommended to HANG DRY your mascot suit. Certain fabrics such as furs can melt and become rough and knotted. If you know your mascot is made out of a material that is able to go in the dryer without shrinking or getting damaged tumble dry the costume on a NO or LOW HEAT dryer setting only. Hanging your mascot costume to dry will prolong its vibrancy.

TIP 5: How do I take care of fleece and fur and bring it back to original shape?

Lightly brush any fleece or fur areas using a dog brush or a stiff scrub brush. Be sure to be extremely careful not to damage the fibers.

TIP 7: How else can I make mascot costume clean?

It is always important to disinfect the places where the performers skin or breath come into contact with the mascot. Lysol disinfectant spray / wipes or hydrogen peroxide is a great way to get these areas inside the head and the shoes clean. If there is still odor after cleaning inside the feet and head a simple bounce dryer sheet can be rubbed along the inside and left in the mascot while storing it.

TIP 8: How do I store my cute custom mascot?

After each use, wipe out the inside of the mascot head with a damp cloth and warm soapy water to keep the head clean and fresh. Do not use strong perfumes on the mascot costume. These substances can damage or discolor the fabric and irritate other performers with allergies or sensitivities.

  • Store the costume in a clean and well-ventilated room.
  • DO NOT store the costume in the carry bag.
  •  -Allow the costume to air out between performances.
  • Place the head in a position that puts the least amount of stress on its shape, (the neck opening).
  •  Hang or neatly fold the body components. Place the feet on their soles separate    from the other components.
  • Never store your mascot costume while it is still damp. Always make sure the mascot costume is completely dry before putting it away.