Custom Corporate Brand Mascot Costumes

Bring your brand to life with a custom corporate brand mascot costume by Loonie Times.

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custom corporate brand mascot costumes

Custom Corporate Brand Mascot Costume

If your business does not yet have a custom corporate brand mascot and you’re doing any event marketing or just looking at a cost-effective way to market your brand, a custom corporate brand mascot can go a long way. It brings your brand to life like never before and lets everyone have a lot of fun in the process. Our custom corporate brand mascot design is here to help you.

From Home Depot’s Homer Mascot to Scholastics Clifford the Dog, to Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger or the Kraft Kool-Aid, we have experience in every industry and type of mascot. Every single business mascot we designed is a unique creation, customized to your specific vision. If you have a vision and aren’t sure exactly how to bring it to life, our team can help you with that! We assist in every aspect of the design process, from inception to delivery.

Why Rely on Loonie Times?

At Loonie Times, we believe in helping businesses and anyone else creates unique brand experiences through their mascots. All of our mascots are manufactured in North America to the highest standards.

We take the time to provide the highest quality mascots possible, using only the highest quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

Have questions, concerns or want to get started on your project? Contact us today to learn more about why there’s nobody better than Loonie Times!

With so much experience in the mascot industry, there’s no reason to rely on anyone else for your mascot design services. We have the knowledge, expertise, and vision to make your corporate mascot a hit at parties, events, tradeshows and more.

We are your one-stop custom corporate brand mascot costume company. Ready to make your mascot dreams a reality?

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