Mascot Cooling Vests

Keep cool and properly ventilated with these mascot cooling products.

Custom Mascot


Too Cooooool for Words!

Don’t let your mascot performer go without their own mascot cooling products such as the cool therapy Custom Cooling Vest. We understand how hot it can be performing inside a costume at any time of the year. Now keeping the performer comfortable has just gotten a whole lot cooler.

Loonie Times is offering Mascot Cooling Vests which provide an efficient and economical way to keep your mascot performers cool and comfortable, therefore keeping performances light and lively. It is so much easier and more fun to perform when you are cool and comfortable.

Our Phase Change Material vests don’t use ice, or heavy water but a new technology that can be activated without electricity and used anywhere. Its constant cool temperature lasts about 3 hours without being renewed. Our Mascot Cooling Vests are durable, lightweight and deliver a constant temperature. Inside the vest are 4 inserts, 2 in the front and 2 in the back that come out easily! Then you just put them in cold water and voila they are ready to use again and again.

Cooling Neckwear and mascot cooling vest inserts maintain a comfortable 10 degrees C (58 degrees F) for heat stress relief. They are ideal for cooling the upper body while wearing your custom mascot costumes. You will feel more comfortable and find it easier to perform in your costume when your body feels cool.