The official Cheetos mascot Chester

Kraft Foods peanut butter mascot is a custom made mascot by Loonie Times Inc and as is a featured mascot in our Big brand series of clients.

About PepsiCo-Chester Cheetos mascot costume by Loonie Times.

PepsiCo- Chester Cheetos

Chester mascot costume is one of the coolest cats you’ll ever meet. He had starred in 2 videogames (Too Cool to Fool and Wild Wild), defeated Chef Pierre in a cookoff and even ran for mayor of Chester, Montana. He has brought style and swag to US curling with a music video and is the face of Los Cheetahs, a soccer trickster team. With all this popularity, PepsiCo needed a way for Chester to make appearances. With the help of Loonie Time, Chester custom mascot can arrive in style with events across Canada.


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