About Loonie Times

Meet our team of creative mascot experts.

The NOT so boring story of


Ugh! I know, I know, another boring “about us” page from a company trying to convince you to give them your money over the other guys, using the same boring phrases that everybody uses. Did I say boring already? Cause BORING!

Listen, I’m really more of an “our work speaks for itself” kind of Dragon-Wolf (yes, I am both a Dragon and a Wolf, I’m also a Knight too in case you were wondering), and I’ve been producing the world’s most lovable mascots for over 20 years. So let me tell you a little about me, our process, and why you want us to bring your character to life.

In 1996 I started Loonie Times Custom Mascots and Plush in Toronto, Canada. Since then, I’ve worked with major companies like Kellogg’s, M&Ms, Home Depot, Mars Food, etc. and about a billion schools (so…many…cat…mascots). I’ve even created some mascots for your children’s favourite television shows (Clifford, My Little Pony and more) and worked with businesses, just looking for a little cost effective fun with their advertising. But enough about them and more about me!

 I’m not JUST a Dragon-Wolf-Knight and all around awesome guy, I’m also an artist. I love to create, and I love purple if you hadn’t noticed. I just had all of these characters in my head that I wanted to bring to life!

The only problem was, I’m not that talented at drawing, or carving, or stitching… I knew I needed a team! A team so talented, they could draw whatever crazy characters that I could think of, then take that drawing and build a full body costume from it using the best foams and fabrics so that their quality would last! I needed a team that can bring any custom character to life, and I assembled that team.

Are you thinking of bringing a character to life so that you can show it off to the world? Put a little extra pep in the school pep rally? Do you want your company and brand to stand out at the next convention? You’ve come to the right place my friend.

Follow me, let me introduce you to my team and show you how our process works. We will have a grand time, no… a Loonie Time.

Sales Department


I’d just like to say, I love two things in this world, amazing customer service, and bamboo… and I’m all out of bamboo.

When you’re looking for a quote, or you have some questions you want answered, email me or give me a call. Together, we work out the details of your vision for the character.

I take into account things like your budget, timeline, logos, team jerseys, performer’s height, facial expressions, etc. No detail is too small for bringing your vision to life.

Then I prepare an art request form for our wonderful artist. She works her magic and afterward, I present you with the finished illustration and quote. Once you absolutely love it, you purchase it and it goes into production!

Design Department


Oh, hello there! I’m always thinking about what I want to draw next, how best to really make these characters pop!

My illustrations will capture your character’s personality, while also clearly getting your brand across. I think about details like your target audience and the message you want to showcase to the community, but at the end of the day, I’m just that kid who always doodled during class instead of paying attention to the boring teacher. I love to draw! Let me draw your character! I need my fix!

Carving Department


Not to toot my own horn but, I’ve got mad skills when it comes to bringing your mascot to life! After your artwork is completed by our talented in-house designer and approved by you its time for me to start working my magic. I personally hand carve each and every mascot using a lightweight, flexible foam that is so durable it will maintain your custom mascot’s structure for years to come.

I know I said I was great (and I don’t deny that) but, I want you to be 100% satisfied that what I am creating for you is perfect, which is why I keep you in the loop every step of the way! I will send you progress photos of the work I am doing just to make sure I’ve captured the exact expression, shape, and size that you have envisioned for your very own unique Loonie Times custom mascot.

Here at Loonie Times, we know how important it is that the performer wearing your mascot is comfortable and able to put on a great show as well as represent your brand successfully. This is why I strive to go the extra mile and ensure the carved structure is spacious enough and well equipped with the best ventilation system out there. I try on every mascot I make, at least 100 times…err…well, OK, maybe not 100 times but, I definitely try it on enough to know when I am totally happy that the vision, weight, and airflow are exactly what you need! Hey, we want your performer to stay cool and enjoy themselves while making your brand shine, right?! Absolutely!

Oh! I am fast and concise too so, rest assured, I will meet your deadlines and have your mascot ready for the covering process and on its way to you in no time flat! From 2D drawing to 3D form, I am here to help bring your vision to life! Let’s do this!

Covering Department


I prefer “All-around fabric extraordinaire!” I am the one you want on the job when it comes to covering your mascot! Once you have approved the fabric swatches I sent to you, I can start stitching up a storm! And do I ever!!!

I take your mascot’s head, shoes, and anything solid foam that has been carved by our amazing carving department and hand stitch the materials of your choice to them! Think of me as Loonie Time’s magnificent, mega mascot beautician! Fur, hair, claws, shells, beaks and wings, I do it all and I’m fabulous at it darling! Velour, Faux Fur and fleece, Oh my!

There are so many wonderful colours and textures to work with, it just makes me giddy to think about! Your custom mascot really starts showing its vibrant personality when it comes to visit me at the Loonie Times covering department. And, how I love sending you pictures of my work in progress along the way! I always look forward to your feedback. Its so important to me that I get everything just right, after all your mascot needs to be stunning when it makes its first debut to the public! Can’t wait to chat with all you wonderful folks!

Sewing Department


Hi everybody! I make the costume and clothing for your character. You wouldn’t want it to be naked, would you?

Anything from the neck to the ankles, I make. I also create the “inner body” which gives your mascot’s body it’s shape. Whatever costume, whatever clothing, a sew it all together. And that’s it! You character is brought to life! You’ve seen him on paper, you’ve seen its head carved and covered. You’ve seen its body created and clothed. Your mascot is ready to wear!

Management Department


Do you want to see the best juggling act in town!? Look no further! I mean, it helps that I have eight legs but, I mean its still the most impressive thing you’ll find around!

You love your mascot, right? Of course! So, treat them to a couple days at the Loonie Times Spa! When they get here I personally greet them and inspect them thoroughly just to see what work I have cut out for me. After a warm shampoo scrub, disinfecting maybe a stitch here and there or some new parts they are looking proud again and eager to get back out there and represent your brand!

So, now your mascot is looking pretty and ready for the next big event … but, you don’t have a performer you say? With our event management service, we can staff your events with a professionally trained performer to wear the mascot as well as spotter who helps guide and protect both the mascot and the public during the event.

Can’t think of where to showcase your custom mascot? Guess who has a solution for that too!? I am always busy updating the event calendar for our clients. I find TONS of different events across Canada that they may want to consider having their custom mascot appear in!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! Now your awesome custom mascot is finished its amazing event. What are you going to do? Throw it in the basement and say, “thanks for coming out?” That’s a one-way ticket to loosing and/or damaging your most precious, promotional asset! Let Loonie Times store your mascot when it is between events or hibernating for the season! I’m a great mascot sitter and our facility is so dry, warm and spacious your mascot will be on cloud nine! And when your ready to get your mascot I can even help with the shipping!

Well, that concludes our tour. I hope you will get in touch with my team and I so we can help your custom mascot help you by bringing it to life and making it shine! You’d be in no better hands… or paws…or hoofs… or tentacles…you get the idea.