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Mascot Storage & Management

Customized mascots are an extremely important promotional tool and for that reason it is crucial that they arrive to that special event on time and looking perfect! Gettingready for a big event is stressful enough not having to remember things like; “Where is the mascot right now?”,”Is it clean”, “How is it getting shipped?”, “Does it have all its parts?”  We are equipped to fully manage your mascots and costumes from our facility, which means we can store them between bookings, ship the costume directly to your venues and then track it and bring it back without you having to worry about it.

Our full management package saves you money with small repairs or battery replacements in addition to cutting down on the time the costume is in transit – when most damage happens. Your costumes directly leave from and enter our facility, allowing for immediate inspections, inbound and outbound, and quick action (if needed) to get it in presentable shape for your next show. After all, your mascot is the goodwill ambassador of your company and we know how important that is!