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Owlie Skywarn of the Nation Weather Services Teaches on Weather Safety!

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Introducing Owlie Skywarn, the Loonie Times made mascot belonging to the National Weather Service USA. Owlie is their go-to-owl for weather safety and action information.

He helps I teach kids information on severe weather and weather hazards that would help save them or others in a dangerous moment.

Owlie makes it fun to learn about how kids and adults alike can protect themselves and others when scary things like hurricanes, lightning, wildfires, tornadoes, blizzards, and anything else happens.

Loonie Times is proud of all the work that Owlie is doing with the NWS and hopes they keep up the great work informing people about all the many things mother nature can throw our way!

For more information check Owlie Skywarn out on Twitter or Facebook

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