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Dane The Dog | Our Custom Mascot Build Process

The Making of A Mascot

Every costume is a unique creation. Depending on your particular needs or design, we give you a choice of eyes, hands, feet and helmets. Most mascot heads are carved from a durable, yet lightweight foam. For the more athletic mascots we use a soft, flexible foam for more manoeuvrability and less weight. 

Each head comes with a helmet and battery operated fan unit for maximum comfort. We also give you a choice of helmets – from an adjustable hard hat, an adjustable baseball helmet to a soft foam cap.

Eyes. Expressive, humorous, smiling… they’re the soul of the character and we love creating them for the utmost impact. Our selection includes plastic, mesh, foam, buckram or a combination of the above.

Hands, gloves, mitts and paw paws are also custom made to give the performer the ability to grasp objects or pick them up.

Feet come with felt boot liners and rubber soles. Some stage mascots get ballet soles for more grip when dancing. They come in all shapes and sizes too!

Mascot Accessories: We’ve created fiddling felines, bouncing pigtails, cowbells, dragon wings, mouths that move and more. Just give us your request and we’ll do our best!