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MCC unveils first-ever Highlander mascot

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Cheers rocked The Highlands gym at McLennan Community College on Tuesday night when fans met Mac, the school’s official Highlander mascot, for the first time.

MCC held a special event with giveaways and discounted food during the men’s basketball game against Navarro College. Mac was introduced before the beginning of the game and helped fans show off their Highlander spirit.

For more than 40 years, MCC has been represented by the Highlander Scottish warrior. The first students at the college chose the Highlander as their mascot to commemorate the Scottish founder of McLennan County, Neil McLennan.

MCC’s mascot costume was designed to resemble the lifelike bronze statue that stands on campus near the Learning Technology Center. Mac is dressed in traditional Scottish attire, including a kilt and sash made from the official McLennan family tartan fabric.


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