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Advertising & Marketing with Mascots | Loonie Times

In the competitive business world we live in today, it’s become more important than ever to find a way to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. That’s why mascot marketing and advertising at events, trade shows or even just on the street can help people experience your brand like never before.

Getting visibility with your mascot is of paramount importance to get the biggest return on your investment. Only if the mascot is seen at various events and promotional materials including advertising in print, banners, business cards, will the brand association mature giving you instant recognition in the eyes of the public. Think of Kellogg’s Cereal and Tony the Tiger comes to mind, what about the Kool Aid mascot?

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Why Loonie Times for Your Mascot Advertising Needs?

Don’t trust anyone with your mascot marketing needs. Loonie Times specializes in helping companies like yourself bring your brand to life with an amazing mascot you will love. Not only do we provide support and advice at every step of the way, but our mascots are manufactured to reach the highest standards. We only use quality materials and proven techniques that will ensure your mascot stands the test of time.

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