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Professional Mascot Characters For Events

At Loonie Times Mascot we plan and execute events on your behalf. Some of the services which are included in the event management of the mascot are:

1. Identifying Events
2. Planning and execution
3. Performer booking
4. City permissions
5. Mascot transportation
6. Mascot cleaning and maintenance

Our network of professional mascot performers is nationwide. We have contacts in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Nova Scotia. So if you are looking for mascot hire services, Loonie Times can deliver what you are looking for. All of our mascots are experienced, professional and will make sure your event goes off without a hitch. So why rely on anyone else?

So are you ready to bring your unique professional mascot vision to life? Whether you need a suit designed from scratch or a professional mascot performer, we can help. Contact us today and let’s get started on making your dream mascot character a reality.

The Loonie Times Difference

At Loonie Times, we know that each and every single one of our clients is special and has unique professional mascot needs. That’s we strive to deliver mascot characters that help bring your vision to life. Every single one of our mascots is 100% custom made with only the highest quality materials, so you know we will deliver nothing but an exceptional mascot. You can see mascot pictures for previous clients if you don’t believe us. It’s why we are the most trusted mascot manufacturer in Toronto. It’s the Loonie Times difference.

Want to learn more about what our expert mascot character designers can do for you? Get a free quote!


Having a mascot for your organization provides you with a “walking bill board”.  They act as goodwill ambassadors by greeting everyone and creating smiles to all ages.  Loonie Times Inc. is proud to say they employ some of the most talented performers in Canada ! From across Ontario and B.C to Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia our talented performers are well known and loved by our clients. We personally hand pick performers for thier professional and energetic characteristics and train them how to act, move and interact with various age groups and event themes. Ask how we can put a little character into your mascot today!