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Custom Mascot Maintenance & Repairs


Custom Mascot Maintenance, Storage & Performers

“Our cleaning and caring service is second to none.”

Here at Loonie Times Inc. we know that your mascot is a valuable investment which represents you and your brand to the public. That is why we are here to provide you with the best mascot services you can find. For more than 20 years Loonie Times has not only created some of the world’s most loveable mascots and mascot accessories, but has also been providing professional, first class, quality services such as cleaning/repairs, safe storage and professional talent.


Cleaning/Repairs (The Mascot Spa)

Proper care of such a valuable asset is crucial when it comes to representing you. If your mascot is looking tired and old what will that say about your brand? When a mascot comes through the doors of Loonie Times Inc. it is immediately receive the best customized individual, professional attention from one of our many qualified team members. All mascots are thoroughly inspected upon arrival for broken parts, rips or structural damage. If any major repairs are found we will immediately contact you with a estimate and pictures of the repair work. After being inspected the mascot will be hand washed and disinfected with our one of a kind, 100% safe and specialized process. Minor repairs will be dealt with free of charge. Once dry and repaired the fur parts of the mascot will be carefully brushed and conditioned to bring back that brand-new shine it had the very first day it was delivered to you


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