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Licensed & Licensing Custom Mascots

If you are looking for a licensed mascots costumes and mascot design services that are custom made and of the highest quality, Loonie Times is here to help you. We sell all of our licensed mascot costumes under exclusive license. This means that all of the intellectual property associated with your custom made mascot costumes belong to you. Nobody else is allowed to replicate your licensed mascot costume.

See below some examples of just a few corporations who trust us with their licensed mascot manufacturing and management of the mascots (with links to pictures on website for each of them)

A. Home Depot: The Homer Mascot, Homer mascot is the face of Home Depot. The Home Depot’s mascot was created over thirty years ago, yet still remains a friendly and helpful presence at the company. Seen at events and on paper, the DIY character leads a high-profile existence with many costume changes. Whether he is putting on a swimsuit for summer or a werewolf costume for Halloween, Homer has been featured in a variety of ways over the past three decades.

B. Dairy Queen: Curly the Cone the yummy ice cream mascot.

C. Kellogg’s: Tony The Tiger: Since its debut in 1951. Tony the Tiger is the official mascot for the Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal and the most visible and loved mascot.

D. Mars: The lovable M & M’s mascots are the face of the most famous brands and used in all advertising and promotions

E. Kraft Foods: Kool aid mascot

So want a fully licensed costume character that reflects your unique vision or company brand? We take great pride in designing your professional mascot to help you connect to your target audience. Talk to us to create your own licensed corporate mascot. Get a free quote today.

Why Trust Loonie Times for your Mascot

At Loonie Times, we specialize in creating custom made mascot characters for people like you. We help at every step of the way, ranging from your unique idea, coming up with a unique mascot design, and bringing it to life. We only use the highest quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to ensure your mascot can stand the test of time. Check out our mascot pictures for great ideas of what’s possible!

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