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Custom Plush Toys, Custom Bobbleheads & Props


Definition of Prop: A free standing object or structure that is sculpted in some manner

We Build: Custom Mascot Props & Plush

Stationary stage pieces, Display Pieces, From Desk top to 6ft or taller

We’ve created fiddling felines, bouncing pigtails, cowbells, dragon wings, mouths that move and more. Just give us your request and we’ll do our best!

As well as walkabout mascot costumes we also build props. Anything from a stationery stage piece to display pieces that can be used mainly indoors. Often companies that have a walkabout mascot will have us produce a replica of their characters in a full size statue-like version in the lobby of their building. WE can create a prop in any size from desk top to 6ft and taller if required. These props are generally carved from foam and covered with a variety of fabrics and specialty finishes such as paints


Custom Plush

Custom toys are an effective way to continue the buzz around your brands/products.

Everything from customized plush toys of your mascot ,tattoos, cups, pencils, pens, puzzles, stickers, coloring books, crayons, plush and much more….all customized for your brands.

Plush All Sizes – Imagine having anything from a small 3.5″ plush to a Life size replica of your character in the lobby of your building to greet all your clients and the public.

Plush Back Packs – We can take your character and develop it into any size soft back pack. As well we can Premium Products for your best customers provide a standard type back pack made of standard materials and add the plush separately via Velcro to the pack, allowing it to be removed when a ‘hug” is required. This means kids or adults will walk around with your brands…..continuing to advertise for you. Your customers become a walking bill board for your organization.

Plush Small with Plastic Clip – Imagine your character being clipped on to kids school back pack, so that they are walking around promoting you everyday.

Premium Products for your best customers
Whichever way you need to continue to promote your brand, product or organization we’ll create and produce it for you.

Let LoonieTimes Mascots be your one stop shop to help build excitement and notoriety and elevate your company to new heights

Plush Order Details

  • Minimums start at 1200 pieces per design
  • After a change of information about your character, there will be a written quotation estimate
  • Next is the sample stage. $250.00 for the prototype
  • No charge for later sample revisions. Samples take approximately 3 weeks or less
  • After the sample is approved – pricing is confirmed
  • Next is production. Delivery is generally 90 – 120 days after the order deposit is received and the final sample approved.

Artwork & Finished Plush


Custom Bobbleheads

Did you know Loonie Times Inc not only makes custom mascots but, also makes custom bobble heads?!?!
How cool is that!? Imagine your custom mascot in bobble head form, what a great way to promote your company, team or school! The possibilities on our fully customized bobble heads are absolutely endless. You can choose the characters accessories, poses, expression, outfit and so much more. We can even add in YOUR company, school or teams individual logo anywhere you’d like on your bobble head!

No custom bobble head is too challenging for us. The detail that goes into these beautifully crafted figures is unmatched in the market today and we will not stop revising your custom design until you are completely satisfied. Our custom bobble heads are made from a high quality, highly durable polyresin material. With its highly customizable characteristics, polyresin allows for the finished product to be highly detailed in all aspects of the design. Our custom bobble heads are approximately 7-inches tall; however there can be some variation due to the custom nature of the figures.
Request your free quote today or call us for more information on how to get your custom character bobble heads in no time flat!