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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!… At least at Loonie Times!

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Its a funny thing to say in the middle of an August heat wave but, here at Loonie Times Custom Mascots we are busy registering our mascots for a wide range of Santa Claus Parades throughout Canada!

Did you think Loonie Times just made some of the worlds most lovable characters? We do much, much more and finding new ways to help support our amazing clients all the time.

When your mascot is managed by us it means you can be assured all your mascot needs are met especially during parade season.

We will provide you with a list and entrance fees of Santa Claus parades around Canada and you can let us know which ones you are interested in having your mascot attend and represent your team, company or organization.

Once you choose which events you would like we happily write you up an estimate of the cost including, shipping,cleaning,performers, spotters etc for you to review.

When you are happy with the costs we go ahead and register  your mascot for you and take care of all the rest!

All you have to do is watch of your mascot on TV the day of the parade and wait for the amazing photos we send you afterwards.

And don’t worry about your mascot after the parade! We deliver it to the Loonie Times Mascot Spa where it will get a deep clean, brushing and repairs if needed.

See now you know what busy little Loonie elves can do for your mascot during the Holiday season!

Contact us today to find out how they can help you!


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