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Custom Mascot Costume Design Company & Manufacturer

Years of experience.

Loonie Times Custom Mascot. is a synergistic blending of talent who bring over 20 years of creative excellence to every costume design. We offer innovative ways for corporations and organizations to develop public face image and benefit from the many rewards associated with characters and custom mascot development.

In addition to creating some of the most outstanding mascots, all with a very personal touch, we specialize in cleaning, repair, shipping, tracking, storing and providing trained performers right across Canada. As well, we offer in-house embroidery for branding your mascots or any items you may want to show your logo. We also provide spinoff premium/giveaway items that are customized to your character.

Our Team

As president, Asif’s company philosophy is to build high quality custom mascots which offer customer the emotional connection that an mascot should bring to a brand. Mascot are the most grass root form of marketing and cost effective versus any other medium. Asif brings with him decades of experience in advertising, marketing & sales spread across various industry like education, publication, transportation & consumer goods. His role is to encourage his staff to put passion into mascot building in such a way, that it brings the character to life!. He provides strategic vision and long term planning to take the company to the next level.
With over 25 years of experience in the mascot industry Dan is the expert in all aspects of “Bringing Characters to Life”; from sales, production, customer service, and management. He takes pride in making sure that every project has the right amount of focus in all the right places from start to finish. His ability to listen and work with clients to translate their vision and ideas is the main reason that our accounts love dealing with Dan. He is one person who can build a mascot by himself and that gives our customers the belief that they are talking to the right person who will advice and bring their dreams to life.
Our production team brings every costume to life with the expertise that is hard to find in this industry. From our carvers, to our coverers, our pattern & tailors, & embroidery specialists, they have been carving out a career in the entertainment industry for many years. The team is long tenured with the youngest member having 3 years experience and the senior most 20 years! Customers can be assured that they have seen every type of mascot possible in their career. That why we can proudly say “No project is too big or small – We create custom mascots of every shape and size”.
Our Mascot Management team is in-charge of all events, and cleaning and repairs. We work together to make sure that once your character is created that it is cared for with TLC. After every performance we clean, dry and maintain the mascot and keep it road worthy for the next trip to meet their fans. This team also ensures that all procedures are in place for you, so that you can rely on a smooth and successful event. This team of professionals have been organizing mascot performers and can even choose the right event for your company to participate in.

Great Client Relationships

Our clients are essential contributors in the development of their mascots. That’s why we like to keep the lines of communication open and available at all times. We find that when we keep our clients in the loop during the entire creative process, we all get the best results. And that leads to repeat business. In fact, most of our new clients have come to us through word of mouth after hearing the level of satisfaction from our existing roster.


World Class Workmanship

We’re blessed with a team of brilliant artisans who know no boundaries when it comes to talent. From costume designers, carvers and coverers, to hand sewers and special effects people – some of whom have worked behind the stage and others who actually worked on the stage. All of them with big ideas and even bigger hearts when it comes to creating our wonderful mascots.

Imaginative Creations

Our mascots are exceptionally exciting because we have lots of fun with the creative process! Let’s face it, we aren’t interested in creating just any mascot, ours are a combination of wild imagination with solid engineering. And we know we’ve done our best when we hear the “oooh”s and “aaah”s with each new mascot that leaves our studio.

In addition to mascots we also create stage/theatrical costumes, puppets, body puppets television, latex custom formed masks and bodies, unique props, sand, snow and wood sculptures – the list goes on. No project is too big or too small!